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The Registration Process - Summer & School Year

School Year 19-20 registration and Summer 2019 forms are available below. You may pick-up printed registration forms and information at our office or print them from the links below. If you would like forms in MSWord(tm)format, email us and we will send them to you.
Information about both programs are on the SUMMER PROGRAM and SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM tabs on the left side-bar.

Summer registration forms are based on age. If your child is entering Kindergarten through second grade next September, please use the DuckRaccoonSumRegForm form below. If your child is entering third through 7th grade, please use the BadgerLynxSumRegForm.

NOTE: The Summer registration forms have 3 pages.

Please, fill out the forms completely on both sides, sign them and return with a non-refundable registration fee of $50.00. This registration fee is required for either program. We must receive the forms and the fees together to hold a place for you. Registrations are accepted on a "firstcome, first serve" basis and begin at 6:30 AM, APRIL 1st. You will be sent a confirmaion email. This email may tell you your waitlist number for each day you have been waitlisted.

To complete registration for either program, you will be sent a registration packet towards the end of May, 2019 (later for "school-year only" people). This packet must be completed and returned ASAP, at least one full week BEFORE your child's start date. For summer, this means by June 24th or for a school year registration, by August 23, 2019. You could lose your spot if BT doesn't receive your completed packet by these deadlines. Registration is contingent on space availibility and is not guaranteed.

Incomplete or missing paperwork could loose your spot.

The "Drop-in" registration option is offered during the school year and will become available September 4, 2019. This option is designed for occational use and is available only as space becomes available on any given day. You must have permission from the BT office each time you drop-in. If you choose this option, you will pay the "drop-in" rate for each time slot your child attends. The drop-in registration fee is $30.00 per child.

documents/SummerRegform2019-DuckandRaccoon.pdf (263Kb)               documents/SummerRegform2019-BadgerandLynx.pdf (149Kb)

DuckRaccoonSumRegForm              BadgerLynxSumRegForm

documents/SchoolYearRegForm1920.pdf (183Kb)               documents/Drop-inRegForm1920.pdf (183Kb)

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