NOTE: Be sure to chose the correct information flyer that matches your childs CoR assigment. Entering Kindergarten through 2nd grade are Duck/Raccoon and entering 3rd through 7th are Badger/Lynx. Also, each flyer contains 2 pages of information. Check out BOTH!

documents/DuckRaccoonSumGamesEnrichmentSchedule2017.pdf (282Kb)                 documents/BadgerLynxSumGamesEnrichmentSchedule2017.pdf (98Kb) DuckRaccoonSchedule2017             BadgerLynxSchedule2017

documents/SummerScheduleLynx2017.pdf (98Kb)                 documents/SummerTri-fold2017.pdf (282Kb)

 SumScheduleLynx2017              GeneralSummer2017Info
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